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As you move the map, your submission location will be updated to the center of the map. You may have to zoom the map in to get a more precise location. When you're finished, continue on to answer your question.

What is the Mapossum?

The Mapossum allows you to create and answer questions with location location and view the results on a map. You can view the answers at different levels of aggregation (countries, sub countries, and counties).

Create Questions:

To create a question, you must first create an account and login. After creating an account and logging in, click the 'Add' button located on the left side of your browswer window. Your information will not be shared with any third-party vendors.

Answer Questions:

To answer questions, simply click the 'Answer' icon located on the left side of your browser. This will open a window that will allow you to answer questions and update your answer location. You can continue to use the arrow keys located at the bottom of the browser to cycle through questions. You do not need to create an account to answer questions. You just need to provide your location.

Update Answer Location:

Due to the spatial nature of the Mapossum, you must provide your location in order to submite an answer. If you don't wish to use your isp location through your browser, you can click the 'Update Your Submission Location' button located in the answer panel. This will take you to a map where you can zoom to an area where you want your location to be registered. Once you get the the map zoomed to the area your want to use, click the 'Update Location' button. This will use the center of the map as your location.

View Questions:

To view a grid of all the questions, click the 'Questions' button located on the left side of your browser. The grid can be searched for questions using the search box. To navigate to the map of a question, simply click the globe icon on the right side of the grid. While on the map panel, you can also use the arrows located at the bottom of your browser to cycle through the questions.

View Chart Data:

To view the breakdown of answers to a question in a chart (pie, bar, line), click the chart located on the right side of the questions grid.

Download Responses:

To download a .csv file of the responses to any question, click the download icon on the right side of the questions grid. This will download a .csv file of all the responses to a question that includes location data (latitude/longitude).

Contact Us:

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